Shaker Styled __________ from Meadowbrook Creations

Heavy Duty Shaker Peg Rack or Peg Rack Shelf

We sell our heavy duty peg rack and peg rack shelf by the inch with giant Shaker pegs evenly spaced every six inches. It is the strongest peg rack on the market.

The 5 1/2” high peg rack and the 10” deep shelf are made from poplar.  The maple pegs are 4-5/8" long with a 1-1/4" diameter head.  Large and strong!

Our heavy duty peg rack and peg rack shelf is strong enough for:

          - Snowmobile suits & helmets         - Motorcycle leathers & helmets
          - Heavy book bags and backpacks    - Equestrian tack
          - Commercial use in restaurants, taverns, rental cottages, motels, B+B's

FREE Mounting Hardware and Plugs

Compare Heavy Duty Peg to Standard Peg Large enough to hold your helmet Strong Shelf Supports Holds the heaviest summer or winter gear

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Step 1:

Select product type [shipping is $36.00]

unfinished $5.45 per inch minor assembly required

unfinished $3.71 per inch  


 Step 2:

Input number of inches to order - Note: 24 inches minimum, 60 inches maximum



Step 3:

Would you like us to drill the mounting holes? We ask because many customers prefer
to drill their own holes to be certain it is mounted to wall studs.

Yes, drill mounting holes Either way we still supply you with needed screws, wall anchors,
and color matched plugs


Step 4:

Would you like flush plugs or buttons to cover up the mounting holes? Flush plugs give a cleaner,
more permanent look but buttons are easier to remove, giving you access to the screw if you think you may
want to take your peg rack down some day.

Flush plugs    


Step 5:

Please include your phone number below in case we can not get through to you by email.

Also feel free to enter any comments, suggestions, questions, requests, etc. below


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